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Botryosphaeria-canker and blight of Giant Sequoia - Botryosphaeria dothidea

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Initially or with only slight infections, single twigs and branches turn brown and die. Typical are patches of brown parts scattered in the crown: in this stage similar to other fungal diseases (e.g.Phomopsis juniperivora! Later on, or in case of intense infection, larger areas of the crown die. On the twigs and branches numerous cankers with resin flow. At the border of the cankers or on dead twigs blackish, dot-like fruiting bodies, containing colorless, spindel-shaped spores measuring 8-10 x 24-32 µm and sometimes also minute comma-shaped microspores.
Affected tree speciesGiant sequoia;
Affected partsLeaf; Stem; Shoot/Twig/Branch;

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