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Guignardia-leaf spot disease of horse chestnut - Guignardia aesculi

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Spots on the leaves initially pale brown, later intense brown, roundish to oval, later confluent and elongated, often bordered by the leaf veins. Fruiting bodies of the asexual stage mainly on the upper leaf surface: small black conidiomata (pycnidial type) with distinctly darker ostiole, spores (conidia) of two types: macroconidia oval swith a short hyaline appendage, microconidia allantoid, hyaline. Possibilities of error: mainly horse chestnut mining moth (Cameraria ohridella, but this with leaf mines filled with feces. Other leaf inhabiting fungal species are much rarer.
Affected tree speciesHorse chestnut;
Affected partsLeaf;

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