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Dothistroma – pine needle cast, Redband disease - Mycosphaerella pini with the asexual stage Dothistroma septosporum, or Dothistroma pini

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Green needles of various age with several red brown or brown cross bands, reaching about 1 mm in size, diffusely bordered; later in the bands black dots fruiting bodies) and a tinge of brick-red stain or the whole band brick-red; yellowing of needles and premature loss of needles. A recently discribed new species (Dothistroma pini), occurring in the USA as well as in Europe and New Zealand, doesn't differ morphologically from Dothistroma septosporum, thus requiring a laboratory for proper diagnosis. The disease can be mistaken for Brown spot-disease (Lecanosticta-needle cast) – here only brown cross bands without any red tinge;
Affected tree speciesPine; Spruce;
Affected partsNeedle;

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