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A searchpage to identify pests/diseases/disorders on wooden plants

SD 2014

Actual damage causes

Larch canker (Lachnellula willkommii) [details]
Rhizoctonia-needle cast of fir – Rhizoctoniasp. [details]
Lecanosticta-needle cast, Brown spot disease of pines - Lecanosticta acicola [details]
Diplodia – Dieback of pines - Sphaeropsis sapinea syn. Diplodia pinea [details]
Sooty-Bark disease of Maples - Cryptostroma corticale [details]
Dothistroma – pine needle cast, Redband disease - Mycosphaerella pini with the asexual stage Dothistroma septosporum, or Dothistroma pini [details]
Ash dieback [details]
Eutypella-stem canker of maple - Eutypella parasitica [details]
Beech canker - Neonectria ditissima [details]
Botryosphaeria-canker and blight of Giant Sequoia - Botryosphaeria dothidea [details]
Pseudodidymella-leaf spot disease of beech [details]
Guignardia-leaf spot disease of horse chestnut - Guignardia aesculi [details]
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