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A searchpage to identify pests/diseases/disorders on wooden plants

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Frost (winter frost) [details]
Shoot dieback of spruce – Spruce cone rust - Pucciniastrum areolatum = Thekopsora areolata [details]
Root rot [details]
Drought [details]
Alpine larch shoot dieback - Ascocalyx laricina [details]
Grey mould - Botrytis cinerea [details]
Witches' brooms of Berberis - Puccinia arrhenatheri [details]
Wounds by hail [details]
Dothistroma – pine needle cast, Redband disease - Mycosphaerella pini with the asexual stage Dothistroma septosporum, or Dothistroma pini [details]
Hysterographium-Dieback of Ash - Hysterographium fraxini [details]
Dieback of Maple - Stegonsporium sp. [details]
Diplodia – Dieback of pines - Sphaeropsis sapinea syn. Diplodia pinea [details]
Spinning mites of conifers (Oligonychus ununguis) [details]
Social pear sawfly - Neurotoma saltuum [details]
Damage to roots by insects [details]
Excrescences of lenticels – black spots on the stem [details]
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