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A searchpage to identify pests/diseases/disorders on wooden plants

SD 2014

Category Animals / Stem

Spittlebugs - Cercopidae [details]
Poplar-and-willow borer, willow weevil - Cryptorhynchus lapathi [details]
Spruce Bark Tortricid - Cydia (Laspeyresia) pactolana [details]
Goat Moth - Cossus cossus [details]
Bark beetles of Cupressaceae - Phloesinus thujae, Phloeosinus aubei [details]
Six-toothed bark beetle - Ips sexdentatus [details]
Great spruce bark beetle - Dendroctonus micans [details]
Dormice – Common dormouse - Muscardinus avellanarius, Garden dormouse - Eliomys quercinus, Forest dormouse - Dryomys nitedula and Fat dormouse - Glis glis [details]
Ash bark beetles - Leperisinus sp. [details]
Feeding damage by rodents (mice) [details]
Clearwing moths, White-barred Clearwing and other species - Sesia sp. [details]
Cimbicid Sawflies - Cimbicidae [details]
Fraying damage by deer, beating damage by deer [details]
Lachnidae [details]
Six-toothed Spruce bark beetle - Pityogenes chalcographus [details]
Leopard moth - Zeuzera pyrina [details]
Fir woolly aphids - Dreyfusia sp., Mindarus sp. [details]
Green Leafhopper (Tettigella=Cicadella viridis) [details]
European shot-hole borer - Anisandrus (Xyleborus) dispar and other species [details]
Needle gall midge of fir (Paradiplosis abietis) [details]
Spruce gall aphids - Sacchiphantes spp. and Adelges spp. [details]
Blue pine buprestid - Phaenops cyanea [details]
Cambium miner flies, Miner flies - Agromyzidae [details]
Large poplar longhorned beetle - Saperda carcharias [details]
Scale insects - numerous species [details]
Fir bark beetle - Pityophthorus pityographus [details]
Large pine weevil - Hylobius abietis [details]
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