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SD 2014

Category Fungi / bacteria / viruses / Shoot / Twig / Branch

Diplodia – Dieback of pines - Sphaeropsis sapinea syn. Diplodia pinea [details]
Sirococcus – dieback of Spruce - Sirococcus conigenus [details]
Phytophthora-diseases of beech and other broadleaved trees - Phytophthora cambivora und Phytophthora plurivoraPhytophthora cactorum as well as other species) [details]
Massaria-disease of Plane - Splanchnonema platani [details]
Chestnut blight - Cryphonectria parasitica [details]
Thousand Canker Disease of Walnut - Geosmithia morbida [details]
Bark disease of oaks - Fusicoccum quercus, Phomopsis quercella and other species [details]
Dieback and cast of Thuja – Pestalotiopsis funerea [details]
Sclerophoma on shoots and twigs - Sclerophoma pithyophila [details]
Apiognomonia-Beech Anthracnose - Apiognomonia errabunda [details]
Crown thinning by twig dieback, associated with Stigmina pulvinata [details]
Giant Polypore - Meripilus giganteus [details]
Powdery mildew [details]
Cherry leaf spot - Blumeriella jaapii [details]
Shothole-disease of stone fruit trees - Stigmina carpophila [details]
Cylindrocladium-dieback of box - Cylindrocladium buxicola [details]
Pholiota destruens syn. Pholiota populnea [details]
Cenangium – Dieback of pines-Cenangium ferruginosum [details]
Phytophthora-root and collar rot of alders (Phytophthora alni) [details]
Cylindrobasidium evolvens [details]
Fir needle rust - Pucciniastrum epilobii [details]
Gymnosporangium-rust of Rosaceae, Juniper-rust – Gymnosporangium sp. [details]
Anthostoma-stem lesions of hornbeam – Anthostoma decipiens [details]
Grey mould - Botrytis cinerea [details]
Sooty moulds [details]
Shoot tip scab of willow - Pollaccia salicicola and other microfungi [details]
Apiognomonia-disease of Plane - Apiognomonia veneta [details]
Therrya-species - Therrya pini and Therrya fuckelii [details]
Red rot - Heterobasidion annosum [details]
Beech canker - Neonectria ditissima [details]
Crown rust - Puccinia coronata [details]
Phyllosticta-needle blight of Cupressaceae - Phyllosticta thujae [details]
Dutch elm disease (Ophiostoma novo-ulmi [details]
Two-Needle Pine Stem Rust - Cronartium flaccidum, Endocronartium pini [details]
Lecanosticta-needle cast, Brown spot disease of pines - Lecanosticta acicola [details]
Glomerella cingulata - anthracnose [details]
Crumenulopsis-canker of Pine - Crumenulopsis sororia [details]
Leaf and twig – scab – Venturia spp. [details]
Dieback of Cupressaceae - Kabatina thujae [details]
Shoot dieback of spruce – Spruce cone rust - Pucciniastrum areolatum = Thekopsora areolata [details]
Volutella-twig blight of boxelder - Pseudonectria rousseliana [details]
Phyllosticta - needle cast of yew (Phyllosticta foliorum) [details]
Larch canker (Lachnellula willkommii) [details]
Cytospora-species on conifers - Cytospora sp. [details]
Carbon cushion - Ustulina deusta [details]
Gemmamyces-Bud disease of Blue spruce - Gemmamyces piceae [details]
Scleroderris-disease (Gremmeniella abietina) [details]
Phomopsis-disease of Cupressaceae - Phomopsis juniperivora [details]
Beech tarcrust – Biscogniauxia nummularia [details]
Verticillium wilt (Verticillium dahliae, Verticillium albo-atrum [details]
Hypodermella–needle cast of larch (Hypodermella laricis) [details]
Witches' brooms of Berberis - Puccinia arrhenatheri [details]
Ash dieback - Hymenoscyphus fraxineus [details]
Coral spot - Nectria cinnabarina [details]
Hysterographium-Dieback of Ash - Hysterographium fraxini [details]
Phytophthora pluvialis [details]
Charcoal disease of broadleaved trees- Biscogniauxia mediterranea [details]
Sooty-Bark disease of Maples - Cryptostroma corticale [details]
Rusty needle cast of Douglas fir - Rhabdocline pseudotsugae [details]
Ash bacterial canker - Pseudomonas syringae ssp. savastanoi pv.fraxini [details]
Alpine larch shoot dieback - Ascocalyx laricina [details]
Rosellinia mycophila [details]
Botryosphaeria-canker and blight of Giant Sequoia - Botryosphaeria dothidea [details]
Dieback of Maple - Stegonsporium sp. [details]
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