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Conference on Water and Society
Needs, Challenges, and Restrictions
19-21 November 2003

The objective of the conference is the evaluation of management practices of the resource water in terrestrial ecosystems in order to fulfil the growing demand of the  society.

Topics will be the human appropriation of water in different regions, and the technology and land-management which is employed in order to provide water of high quality and in sufficient quantity for the society. The impact of water management for the landscape and vice versa, so as the treatise of water in legally binding conventions are main topics. A further theme are relevant aspects of water relations of plants.

The conference provides a platform for discussions between experts in various fields of research and for players in economy and policy. Target participants are scientists from a wide variety of fields, political decision makers, public authorities, research institutions, and professionals working in related fields.

The conference is an excellent opportunity for graduate students to present almost finished research projects. The conference is an Austrian contribution to the Year of Freshwater .

early registration at reduced fee: July 4th, 2003
submission of papers: October 5th, 2003

Attention!! new information:
The E-Mail address of Robert Jandl was changed
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The reception by the City of Vienna has been moved to Thursday, Nov 20. Details .


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